We Taste Tested 15 Celebrity Wines. Here Are Our Completely Honest Reviews

Happy Wine Day, everyone! It’s the most important holiday of the year!

Yep, even more important than Christmas, because this is Winemas. It’s a day to honor that special person who decided that squishing grapes would get us all drunk. That’s how wine works, right?

Anyway, the team at E! Online is dedicated to keeping you guys up to date on all your wine needs, so we did a big taste test of 15 celebrity wines. In doing so we discovered a couple of things. Like, Dave Matthews can make a kickass wine! We also found out that Dave Matthews makes wine. Who knew? Learning things is fun.

So if you want completely honest, no-holding-back opinions on the wines from Nicki Minaj, Drew Barrymore, Lisa Vanderpump and many more stars trying their hands at the wine business, check out our reviews below. And just know that as wine experts, some of us know our stuff and some of us are basically Leslie Knope.

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