The Trendy Reason Why Jetblue Just Switched From Coke To Pepsi

Two New York-born and based brands have joined forces to give the people what they want.


Bacardi Has ‘hacked’ Youtube’s Fast-forward Feature To Create A Djing Platform

The brand’s latest video doubles as sound-mixing software.


Kellogg Releases Cheese Cracker and Boxed Wine Combo

Most sommeliers will tell you that there is a wine for everything. While there’s never really been a reason to question the boundless possibilities of blessed vino, there is one recent partnership that puts that theory to the test with a new spin on wine and cheese.


Pepsi Sends Mountain Dew Account To Tbwa After 46 Years With Bbdo

The decision followed a closed Omnicom review.


‘queer Eye’ Star Jonathan Van Ness On Pride Month And Why He Works With Smirnoff

Adweek talked with the rainbow-decked Queer Eye star at the vodka brand?s SoHo pop-up.


Corona’s Stackable Six-packs Eliminate The Need For Harmful Plastic Rings

Leo Burnett Mexico designed the cans to screw into one another.


Grey Goose’s Rebrand Aims To Strike A Balance To Make Its Premium Allure More Accessible

The new Live Victoriously campaign keys on everyday consumer celebrations.


On World Water Day, Bacardi Asks Unicode To Drop All Plastic Straws From Emojis

The brand?s ?cease and de-sip? letter to the Unicode Consortium


The Inaugural Hashtag Sports Awards Presented By Budweiser Is Set For June 25

The ceremony will honor excellence in fan engagement.


Why Budweiser Saved A Super Bowl Spot Starring Charlize Theron For The Oscars

The brand retooled its strategy as part of an ongoing premiumization push.

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