SA township woman’s recycled Rooibos tea bag purses all the rage in Paris

A 33-year-old Zimbabwean woman living in Cape Town is seeing her creation of purses made from rooibos teabags take off in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world.


Drinks to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

If you’re serious about losing weight you know you shouldn’t be drinking certain types of drinks.


South Africa takes Guinness World Records title for tallest tower of cupcakes

South Africa has shattered a Guinness World Record by building the highest cupcake tower.


The Franschhoek Cellar offers a beautiful location for the perfect wedding day

Situated at the entrance to the quaint Franschhoek village, the Western Cape’s ‘mini France’, The Franschhoek Cellar offers a variety of venues to host a wedding.

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Brutal Fruit #SheRocks campaign angers women

How does your success and independence change the kind of men you meet and the dynamics of your relationships? 


Woman sues Starbucks for $5m due to ice in cold drinks

A Chicago woman is suing Starbucks for more than $5 million (R73 million), claiming that the coffee giant under-fills its popular hand-blended iced coffee, tea and other drinks, making customers overpay for beverages.


Quality of tap water in South Africa on the decline

Pretoria West was one of seven areas where poor water quality was measured in Afriforum’s Blue Drop study, which was conducted in February 2016.


300 School kids have to use beer crates for chairs, thanks to South Africa`s Education Department

More than 300 pupils at a Limpopo school have to sit on beer crates because the provincial education department has not provided furniture for the past two years.


Katy Perry shares a drink with Madonna on stage

Katy Perry joined Madonna on stage on Tuesday night (27 October 2015) to toast her latest Rebel Heart World Tour concert with a shot from a banana bottle.


Boarding schools ban porridge to prevent students from brewing beer

Some boarding schools in Zimbabwe have banned their pupils from bringing breakfast cereal with them because the students have been using it to brew beer, it was reported on Tuesday.

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