Chinese Cuisine Has A Wild Side Where Some Food Lovers Dare Not Walk,

Police in Italy recently confiscated hundreds of century eggs from a shop in Sicily run by ethnic Chinese, throwing a spotlight on a traditional Chinese delicacy. Century eggs, prepared by burying egg


Carl’s Jr To Be First Us Fast Food Chain To Sell Cbd-laced Burger,

Carl's Jr will become the first fast food chain to sell a CBD-infused hamburger when its "Rocky Mountain High Cheeseburger Delight" goes on sale in Denver on Saturday, the company said. The Tennessee-


Shake Shack Officially Opens At Jewel Changi Airport, And The First Guy In Line Was There Since 4.30am, Singapore

SINGAPORE - Famous New York burger chain Shake Shack made its highly anticipated Singapore debut at Jewel Changi Airport on Wednesday (April 17) by opening to a snaking queue. When The Straits Times v


This Durian Collector Has 80 Different Kinds Of Durians On His Farms,

Over 30 years ago, Dr Abdul Aziz Zakaria's father gave him a plot of land in their home state of Kelantan. Aziz's father had been a passionate durian collector. Aziz, a lecturer on irrigation at Unive


Cameras Eat First: The Growing Relationship Between Instagram And Food

There are few relationships that have become as inexorably intertwined as that of Instagram and food.


There Are Dozens Of Exciting Eateries

Currently in its seventh consecutive year as the Best Airport In The World, it's no secret that Changi Airport is Singapore's pride and joy. Which is why we've got high hopes for its newest addition,


3 Meal Services You Need To Avoid The Queues During Lunchtime, Singapore

Hi, worker! Do you go out for lunch? If you do, you will be familiar with the crowds and the queuing involved when you try to grab a bite around midday. Recent studies claim that we are spending aroun


How To Buy Cheap Alcohol Now That Duty Free Allowance Is Only Two Litres, Singapore

Budget 2019 has come and gone. While the rest of us are looking at the important notes like the GST vouchers and the Personal Income Tax Rebates, I'm going to be looking at something even more importa


Vegan Burger Singapore Price Guide

With all the buzz around the newly launched Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, it looks The Economist was right - 2019 is really kicking off to look like "the year of the vegan". As we get increasingly


Take The Milk Tea Obsession To Another Level And Make It At Home,

The milk tea craze is far from over. New establishments are popping up left and right and old shops are coming up with new flavors to serve the milk tea-obsessed. That being said, if you're a fan, you

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