How Did Korean Fried Chicken Become So Popular?,

There is fried chicken and then there is Korean fried chicken. Anyone who's ever tucked into a plate of Korean fried chicken will understand that there's nothing on earth quite like the sensation of b


How To Choose A Durian, According To Durian Experts,

A huddle of people are clustered around a few thorny durians. A fruit is picked up and assessed - first it is shaken, then hands are appraisingly clamped on the spiky exterior. Finally, an intrepid no


The Jollibee Story: How A Philippine Fast Food Franchise Took On The World,

You only need to spend about 20 minutes in the Philippines to realise that Filipinos really love to eat. The country has a dazzling profusion of dining outlets, in particular at the casual end of the


The Ultimate Bali Food Guide For Cafe Hoppers, Foodies And Fine Diners,

You're about to embark on your Bali tour but have no idea where to begin food-wise. Luckily for you, here's a food guide that will satisfy the palate of cafe hoppers, foodies and fine diners as well!


Your One-stop Bubble Tea Guide: Where And How To Get The Latest Bbt Promotions,

People who know me will simply laugh and roll their eyes at me whenever I say "I'm not crazy over bubble tea". To be fair, I spent only an hour queuing for one of the newest bubble teas in town. But


Restaurants To Go If You Are Trying To Eat Clean And Healthy (and Earn Cashback At The Same Time),

Trying to keep a healthy diet can be troublesome to do but with more and more restaurants following the trend to cater to these people, your new diet might be easier to follow than you initially thoug


A Waste Of Good Wine? Non! Spitting Is Essential To Tasting,

Spitting is frowned upon in polite society -- unless of course the spitter is engaged in tasting wines. "It's by spitting out the wine that you will be even more distinguished in society," pleads Pie


$10 For An Acai Bowl? Here’s Why You’re Not Actually Overpaying For This ‘superfruit’,

In the last five years, the Health Promotion Board has done an excellent job in pushing for healthier eating habits among Singaporeans through its series of campaigns, such as the Million kg Challenge


Alain Ducasse To Bring His Chocolate Atelier To Bangkok,

BANGKOK - The Asian press is reporting that the famous Michelin star-decorated chef is set to open a location of his chocolate workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Alain Ducasse's "La manufacture de chocol


5 Celebrities Who Have Turned Their Backs On Veganism,

Star power is one of the reasons veganism has exploded in the public consciousness during the past few years. When American singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z announced their "vegan challeng

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