For Hardworking Scottish Beekeepers, Heather Honey Is A Sweet Reward

Each September, they bring their bees to the moorlands and coax nearly solid honey from combs.


Russia’s Patriotic Alternative To Coca-cola Is Made Out Of Bread

For centuries, Russians have celebrated their Slavic roots with kvass.


How A Tiny Wisconsin Island Became The World’s Biggest Consumer Of Bitters

On Washington Island, drinking Angostura shots is the rule, not the exception.


Kottabos Is A Wild Ancient Greek Drinking Game That Required Throwing Wine

SPILLING RED WINE MAY BE the ultimate party foul, especially if it lands on the host’s couch or carpet. But for the ancient Greeks, a party wasn’t good unless the wine flowed freely.


How America Fell In Love With Vodka

The “white whiskey” traded on its tastelessness.


Why All Beer Once Tasted Like Smoke

TODAY’S BREWERS CAN ADD ANY number of flavors to their beers.


How Fanta Was Created For Nazi Germany

The soda was made from apple fibers and a cheese by-product.


A Giant Cucumber-slicing Vehicle Is Garnishing Cocktails Across America

Take an unusual journey aboard Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher.


The History of the Cocktail Party

GREAT COCKTAILS GO HAND IN hand with great stories. There are legends about the creation of the Sazerac, the Ramos Gin Fizz, even the Manhattan.

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