Classic Cocktails That Changed When They Crossed Borders

Chances are good that your go-to cocktail most likely appears in Spirited: Cocktails From Around the World. The book provides recipes for 610 drinks, ranging from age-old to brand-new, simple to elaborate.


Thailand’s Spirits Have A Taste For Red Fanta

The ruby-red drink is a mainstay at spirit houses and shrines.


A Parade Of 2,000 Ducks Keeps A South African Vineyard Running

For pest control, this South African farm enlisted a fowl army.


Oratory Of San Pellegrino

This medieval oratory decorated in magnificent frescos was constructed after Charlemagne received a vision.


Why Washington State?s Wine Scene Has Become So Experimental

Conditions there are ripe for trying out new techniques.


How A California Diocese Transformed Unused Cemetery Land Into Wine

Bishop's Vineyard makes its products from grapes grown in graveyards.


This Pairing Injects A Classic Brazilian Treat With South African Liqueur

Amarula brigadeiros are indulgent, adults-only treats.


Amarula Cream Liqueur

A sweet and nutty liqueur made with the fruit of the "elephant tree."


This Vodka Is Flavored With Grass From A Polish Forest

Żubrówka carries notes of vanilla, lavender, and, of course, grass.


The Crisp, Sour Kenyan Brew Made From The ‘sausage’ Fruit

Muratina is a refreshing addition to social events in the Kikuyu community.

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