Guillermo Del Toro Is Getting Into The Fancy-ass Tequila Business

As George Clooney has proven, the world of high-end tequila can be very, very profitable.


Danish brewery achieves its dream of making beer with recycled urine

In a chilling example of what happens when you tell kids to follow their dreams no matter what, Grubstreet reports that Danish brewery Norrebro Bryghus has realized its environmentally friendly, yet decidedly unappetizing, ambition of brewing beer using human urine.

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What is mushroom beer and how do you brew it?

Decorative Gourd Season is upon us, and the thoughtful beer drinker has a choice to make: follow the well-trod path and reach for a pumpkin ale, or take the path less traveled and seek out an unexpected fall-flavored beer made from mushrooms.

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