Absolut Launches Limited Edition Vodka Bottle To Celebrate Global Unity

If you think we ran this press release in the hope of having hard liquor delivered to our offices, you'd be right.


Almond Breeze Showcases Tastiest User-generated Content In Ooh Campaign Via Daylight Agency

Almond milk brand Almond Breeze is celebrating the creations made by its social media fans by featuring the tastiest in its latest advertising campaign.


Sodastream Smacks Down ‘no’ Campaigner’s Homophobic Tweets

SodaStream takes the fight to homophobia; however, we don't believe it's through delicious creaming-soda spiders.


Coke Turns Into Fanta In New Campaign To Fight Homophobic Slurs

Coca-Cola in Brazil has turned a common local insult into a strong anti-homophobia campaign.


Nescafé Launches ‘when Taste Matters’ Campaign For Its Gold Range Via Publicis Sydney

A new integrated campaign for Nescafé Gold has launched as the coffee brand rolls out its richer tasting barista style coffee across Australia.


Schweppes & Ogilvy Create Sexual Harassment Dress

Soft drink maker proves it's got a good social conscience whilst remaining an excellent accompaniment to gin.

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Almond Breeze Launches $3m Campaign Via Daylight Agency

DAYLIGHT Agency has unveiled a new nationwide $3 million integrated brand awareness campaign for almond milk brand Almond Breeze.


Nestlé Partners With Social Soup & Mec For NescafÉ Gold Organic Launch

The catering tins in B&T's dumpster are testament to our love of International Roast. But here's some NESCAFÉ news.


Carlton Draught Plays Favourites With Iconic Regional Cities Via Ooh!media

Using oOh!media’s reach in regional Australia, Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) has launched a hyper-localised out-of-home (OOH) campaign in 10 cities and towns in NSW, Victoria and the ACT for


Lipton Ice Tea Beats The Heat With Snapchat Global First Through Phd

In a global media first, Lipton Ice Tea has launched its latest campaign, which serves video content on Snapchat to help consumers ‘beat the heat’ with cool and dynamic footage. The idea, utilises

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