The wines we drink: Le Lude MCC

In an era where so many producers view bubbly as a “cash cow” and a must-have because they host celebratory events and “people demand it”, it is refreshing to come across a man


The wines we drink: Cork vs Screw cap

There are pros and cons to any wine closure; some are based in scientific fact, others are based on consumer perception.  We decided to put together a tasting to compare the effect of the 2 closure


The wines we drink: Naudé Old Vines Range.

We have written about our regard for the Naudé White before but the Board of Directors and Ian Naudé at Adoro Wines are not resting on their laurels; they have just released the new range


The Alchemy Best Burger Competition — the Batonage entry

The KnowItALL Burger – a classic style burger but with local knowledge Note the hand crafted mustard and tomato sauce in the background. And of course, the Alchemy White. The story: This b


The places we eat, drink and stay at: Steenberg

The Red Wine Romp held at Catharina’s Restaurant at Steenberg was the perfect occasion to revisit one of our favourite hotels and wine farms.  The concept was simple:  Celebrate the gre


The places we eat at: Pot Luck Club

We first visited the Pot Luck Club a few years ago in its original incarnation adjacent to the Test Kitchen.  We have on occasion visited the Pot Luck Club at the new location at the top floor o


The places we stay at: Bonne Esperance Studio Apartments

We regularly visit Stellenbosch and more often than not wine is involved, leaving us with the dilemma of finding accommodation that is unfortunately, due to the popularity of the town, prohibitively e


The places we eat at: The Dining Room

Being encouraged to bring your own wine to a restaurant is already a huge PLUS in our eyes, so when friends invited us to join them at The Dining Room we jumped at the opportunity. The Dining R


The wines we drink: Mvemve Raats MR de Compostella 2013

The MR de Compostella 2013 was announced as the best overall winner of the inaugural Riscura Red Hot Wine Awards.  This is a 5-way Bordeaux style blend led by Cabernet Franc sourced from v


The places we eat at: El Burro Taqueria

Had to go to Wikipedia to learn about Taqueria’s:  “Taquería (pronounced: [takeɾ’ia]) is a Spanish word meaning taco shop or place that makes tacos.  As tacos are an inte

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