After the outside of their pub flooded in Leeds, there was only one thing to do for John Kelly and Steve Holt…
Embrace the rain, get wet and have a pint.


As pre-stage rituals go, there’s a simple charm to what Mumford & Sons do.


The prevalence of gout – traditionally associated with too much port and an unhealthy lifestyle – is soaring in the UK, according to a study.


A public toilet threatened with closure in Bath could be turned into a wine bar if the proposals are accepted by the council.


Could a computer enable any one of us to make good wine at home? One Californian entrepreneur is convinced it can.


Scorpions and grasshoppers can now be found on the menus of upscale French restaurants, just as those concerned about the world’s increasing demand for protein are looking to insects as one solution.


There’s been a wave of popularity for drinks like the Aperol spritz, the Negroni, and a host of cocktails flavoured with “bitters”. Why are people turning their backs on sweet cocktails in favour of a bitter taste?


Scotland has become the first country in Europe to prescribe a new drug which reduces cravings for alcohol.


“Africa has a drinking problem,” declared a recent article in Time Magazine. But is the evidence there to support such a sweeping statement?


In Britain, butlers may seem like a relic of another era, but in some other countries, particularly emerging economies, they are in huge demand – and their employers can often afford to pay handsomely for the privilege.

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