A recent survey of US craft brewers suggests that 60% of US craft breweries will close if severe social distancing guidelines aren?t lifted by June. Rabobank talks to the Brewers Association’s chief economist to take the pulse of the craft beer business, and discuss whether we’ll recognize it after the COVID-19 crisis is over.


The study of US consumer preferences was conducted in partnership with The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) and California-based Cork Quality Council. An additional survey released by APCOR found that 89% of Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2016 are sealed with cork closures.


The company is trialling Guinness Zero, its 0% ABV version of its famous Guinness stout, in Indonesia.


SKOL will use the Impact bottle as part of its premium range for clubs and bars, targeting young consumers between the ages of 22 to 28.


A UK Navy veteran has died after drinking a Caribbean pear juice drink loaded with cocaine, and police say they believe he drank a ‘rogue bottle’ taken from a consignment used to store drugs.


Moonshine Drinks has launched a patented bag that allows drinkers to make 25 pints of beer simply by adding water amidst claims home brewing is the fastest growing hobby in the UK.

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