How Europe?s Turks Could Sweep Erdogan To Victory

President Erdogan can raise a crowd. As he travels to every corner of his huge country in the month before elections that could return him to the palace for another five years, tens of thousands turn?


Erdogan?s Influence Is Spreading Across Europe

Two video clips did the rounds in the French media at the weekend. One went global, that of the heart-warming heroism of Mamoudou Gassama, a migrant who rescued a small boy dangling from a balcony in


Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘team’ Are The Real Losers Of The Facebook Hearing

Right now, in some tasteful open plan office in California, Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘team’ is hard at work. Or at least they should be, because they have a lot to do. When he wasn’t trying to explai

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