You Can Now Order Food On Facebook

Is this a good thing?


Tim Hortons Is Making Buffalo Sauce–flavored Latte Because Nothing Is Sacred

Why tho.

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It’s Hard Cider Season And There’s Only 1 Bottle You Need

It's extremely affordable and not sweet at all.


What’s All The Fuss About These Shark Tank Chips?

We took the bait on the coconut-oil-fried chips that scored a $1.25 million deal in the Tank.


The 10 Ingredients We’ll Never Stop Arguing About

What did green bell peppers ever do to deserve this??


Mcdonald’s Has Started Testing Vegan Burgers

Is it April Fool's Day?


This Dutch Oven Sale Will Make You Feel Like A Classy French Chef

You definitely need the pot with the tiny snail on the handle.


Cooking To Cope

On days like these, I can’t help but notice how so many of us, who are impacted only tangentially by events, turn to cooking to cope and process.


What’s New On Netflix—and 7 Things To Eat While Watching

The meal prep you *really* need.


October Horoscopes Are Here—which Halloween Candy Are You?

Sorry, Scorpio.

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