Berkshire Mountain Distillers Turned Regional Beers Into Unique Whiskeys

After five years of soaking in oak barrels, several of the whiskeys are ready to taste.


For Winemaker Byron Kosuge, There’s Joy — Even At The End Of A Challenging Year

Byron Kosuge has encountered plenty of challenging vintages, but he will be the first to tell you that 2020 was the most arduous of all.


Matt Goodman Used A $10 Bill To Buy His First Legal Beer — A Gift From His Late Father. Now Budweiser Is Sending Him Cases

Matt Goodman's father gave his sister a $10 bill before he died of esophageal cancer in 2015. He wanted her to hold on to it so Matt could use the money to buy his first legal drink in 2020.


Earnest Drinks Makes An Earnest Go Of It In Kendall Square

Cheese dogs, Kool-Aid pickles, and idiosyncratic humor is on the menu.


Boston Beer Co. And Dogfish Head Are Merging. We Asked Jim Koch What That Means For Beer Drinkers.

On May 9, Boston Beer Co., makers of Samuel Adams, announced a merger with Delaware brewery Dogfish Head, joining the two longtime craft beer pioneers in a $300 million deal.


Make Room On The Table For California Cabernet Franc

It?s almost second nature to associate cabernet franc with France?s Loire Valley, but it?s thriving in Golden State, too.

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Smuttynose Brewing Undergoes A Reboot

Hoping to revitalize the brand, Smutty’s new owners are leaning into longtime best-sellers like Finestkind IPA and Old Brown Dog brown ale, as well as embracing new beer styles.


Family Pays Tribute To Budweiser-swilling Mom Who Loved Her Family More Than Anything ? Except The Red Sox And Patriots

Jan Lois Lynch, who passed away on Oct. 18, had “an unparalleled zest for life and an infectious laugh.”

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The Jagermeister Old Fashioned, A Delicious Hack

Squeezing an orange peel over the top of the drink to express the oils awakens the Jagermeister’s bright citrus flavors from under the peppery whiskey. The simple trick ignites dynamic complexity. A


Fired Up About Dragon Pizza

High praise from Globe Food writer Kara Baskin: “This is the tastiest pizza I’ve ever eaten in this town.”

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