When liquor bans forced Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela’s brewery to close, she knew it was not the end for her. Now her beer is being brewed in Europe and distributed in the UK.


Due to long bans on alcohol sales during the pandemic, South Africa wine sales in the local market shrank by a fifth last year – but so-called “bag in box” wines proved more resilient than bottled wine.


South Africa’s Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has banned an advertisement for Windhoek beer on the basis that it entrenches toxic masculinity in suggesting that “real men drink real beer”.


South Africa’s national Covid-19 alcohol ban has caused much consternation and division – but as some have been debating the merits of the law, others have been merrily circumventing it, at a significant profit.


Restaurants, take-aways and coffee shops across the country will take to the streets next week to draw attention to the devastating effects of lockdown regulations on the industry.


There won’t be any meals at Spur when South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown ends – and no takeaways either.


For most of us, a morning coffee serves a specific purpose: to help us wake up. But according to new research, it may also be making that kick in your step more robust by strengthening your bones.


South Africa has new draft rules about what may or may not be sold as coffee in South Africa – and some firm favourite mixtures that reference coffee in their names will be in the “not” list.


The advertising regulator has found that Savanna can’t use the words “no alcohol” to describe its new non-alcoholic cider. The newly released product contains 0.3% alcohol.


Deutsche Bank recently released its annual “Mapping the World’s Prices” series, which compares the cost of everything from iPhones to tekkies in 50 cities around the world.

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