‘exhausted’ Starbucks Workers Are Forced To Choose Between Reduced Hours Or Unpaid Leave, As The Coffee Giant Adjusts To A New Normal

Some workers feel frustrated by their options, with one employee saying he is "mentally and physically exhausted" from working during the pandemic.


Starbucks Is Launching Its First Color-changing Cup After Covid-19 Closures

Starbucks is launching new color-changing cups later this month — the coffee giant’s first foray into reusable cups since the coronavirus pandemic started.

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15 Virtual Wine Tastings Hosted By Vineyards, Experts, And Winemakers From Around The World

Many are BYO and free to join while others are bundled with bottles being sent directly to your doorstep prior to the class.


Pepsico Increased Its Global Advertising And Marketing Spending By More Than 12% In 2019. Its North America Cmo Reveals How The Company Is Rethinking Its Marketing During The Coronavirus.

While Pepsi's pausing some media and simplifying its marketing calendar for the rest of the year, it's not going completely dark, said CMO Greg Lyons.

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The 10 Best Tequila Brands You Need To Try, According To 6 Experts

The best tequila brands for cocktails or straight sipping hail directly from regions in Mexico and are made of 100% agave.


16 Easy And New Cinco De Mayo Cocktail Recipes To Brighten Up Your Holiday While At Home

From the classic paloma to a margarita with a twist, these recipes are recommended by hotels and tequila makers.

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Kroger And Pepsi Are Giving Workers On The Front Lines In The Coronavirus Pandemic 99-cent Discounts On Bottles Of Soda

Kroger employees can purchase 20-ounce bottles of Pepsi soft drinks for $1 through the May 12, as part of the promotion.


Two Vacationing Families Got Stuck In South Africa After The Country Went Into Lockdown. Here’s The Uplifting Story Of How A Local Wine Farm Came To Their Rescue.

The Spier Hotel and Wine Farm's manager stopped charging the stranded families and immediately put social distancing rules in place.

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6 Chains Including Starbucks And Krispy Kreme Are Offering Free Food And Drinks For Healthcare Workers And Other First Responders

These major chains are providing free pizza, doughnuts, coffee, and more to hospital workers and other people on the front line.


Meet Budweiser Billionaire Billy Busch, Who Pled Guilty To Assaulting An 11-year-old, Owns A 700-acre Farm Outside St. Louis, And Stars In An Mtv Reality Show With His Wife And 7 Kids

Billy Busch, Sr., the billionaire star of MTV's "The Busch Family Brewed," has an eighth daughter outside of the show that has accused him of neglect.

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