Morrison’s Are Selling Parma Violet Lambrini, So Say Hi To Your New Summer Bev

It's hot outside guys and you 100 percent need to up your drinking game. Apart from increasing your intake of water and keeping yourself hydrated, it's a perfect time to try new summery alcoholic beve


Starbucks? Honeycomb Lavender Frappuccino Looks So Delicious ? But There?s One Catch

Well isn't this just classy as heck. If you're looking for a delightful, light, crisp new summer treat that's totally unique, then the new Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte from Starbucks should do the tr


This Mermaid Pink Gin Will Take Your Fourth Of July Bbqs Up To 100

I always enjoy a good cocktail, but for some reason, summer always strikes as the best time for cocktails ? and honestly, nothing drives that feeling home more than the existence of pink, strawberry-i


Ocado Are Selling Pimm’s Ice Lollies & They’re The Boozy Treat Your Summer Deserves

After what feels like, quite frankly, the longest winter ever, you'll be pleased to know that summer is finally here. June 21 marked summer solstice, that means it's time for festivals, light evenings


Frozen Fanta Is Back At Burger King For All Your ’90s Kid Summer Dreams

If you're in need of a frozen summer treat, Burger King has a returning beverage for you. As reported by Brand Eating, Frozen Fanta Orange has returned to Burger King. The drink is back now ? it's lis


Smirnoff Just Dropped A New Vodka That Tastes Like Strawberry & Rose

Summer weather is right around the corner and with it comes ?drinking on patios? weather. If you?re looking for something to pair with that sweet, sweet summer breeze, Smirnoff?s new line of zero suga


Planet Doughnut Just Teamed Up With This Iconic British Drink In Aid Of A Good Cause

Anyone who loves a sweet treat, I think you need to sit down. Sitting comfortably? OK, well, who doesn't love a bit of sweetness in their lives? Whether it's a chocolate bar you've squirrelled away in


Here’s A Picture Of Emilia Clarke Completely Bald & Drinking A $200 Of Dom Perignon

Emilia Clarke is something of a hair chameleon, but the public hasn't seen her bald yet. Until now. Emilia Clarke shared a bald photo of herself on Instagram, claiming her hair blew off after watching


Vegemite Liqueur Exists ? Here’s How To Buy It

Vegemite is known more for being divisive than anything else. And now, a distillery has made something that will certainly have a similar effect on people: Vegemite-flavored liqueur. Depending on your


From Flutes To Coupes, These Are The Best Champagne Glasses

Whether it?s a celebration or a night for two, getting the most out of your champagne will depend on the glass you choose to drink from. When looking for the best champagne glasses, you?ll want to con

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