Smirnoff Just Dropped A New Vodka That Tastes Like Strawberry & Rose

Summer weather is right around the corner and with it comes ?drinking on patios? weather. If you?re looking for something to pair with that sweet, sweet summer breeze, Smirnoff?s new line of zero suga


Planet Doughnut Just Teamed Up With This Iconic British Drink In Aid Of A Good Cause

Anyone who loves a sweet treat, I think you need to sit down. Sitting comfortably? OK, well, who doesn't love a bit of sweetness in their lives? Whether it's a chocolate bar you've squirrelled away in


Here’s A Picture Of Emilia Clarke Completely Bald & Drinking A $200 Of Dom Perignon

Emilia Clarke is something of a hair chameleon, but the public hasn't seen her bald yet. Until now. Emilia Clarke shared a bald photo of herself on Instagram, claiming her hair blew off after watching


Vegemite Liqueur Exists ? Here’s How To Buy It

Vegemite is known more for being divisive than anything else. And now, a distillery has made something that will certainly have a similar effect on people: Vegemite-flavored liqueur. Depending on your


From Flutes To Coupes, These Are The Best Champagne Glasses

Whether it?s a celebration or a night for two, getting the most out of your champagne will depend on the glass you choose to drink from. When looking for the best champagne glasses, you?ll want to con


Is Kombucha Environmentally Friendly?

Everybody’s into kombucha these days. The fermented tea drink, which is thought to have its origins on the Silk Road in China, is now touted as a gut health booster, thanks to its probiotic qualities. A study in 2012 even found that one bacteria strain commonly found in kombucha reduces genetic damage and inflammation in ways that could lower cancer risk. If you love the sparkly, slightly sour taste of kombucha, you may have wondered about its environmental credentials: is kombucha environmentally friendly? The good news is that largely, the answer is yes.


Cupcake Vineyards Wine Comes In Cans Now & They Are Pastel Instagram Bait

Excellent news for anyone who?s eagerly anticipating spring and summer picnics: Cupcake Vineyards just launched two new canned wines. They?re here just in time for both the arrival of warmer weather a


You Can Buy A Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Full Of Sparkly Pink Unicorn Gin

You know what your Easter basket is probably missing? Giant chocolate eggs filled with bottles of pink gin. I know, I know ? it?s an oddly specific treat to desire as a new springtime favorite. But ha


Mindy Kaling On Why Access To Clean Water Is A Feminist Issue ? And How You Can Help

Even if you saw the now-iconic 2019 Super Bowl ad where Sarah Jessica Parker rejected Carrie Bradshaw's signature cosmo for a Stella Artois, you might not know that Stella Artois' "Pour It Forward" ch


Stella Artois Just Launched A Canned Spritzer ? Here’s What It Tastes Like

All of the Instagrammable drinks hitting shelves are going to have to slide to the left, because yet another ~aesthetic~ just hit the scene. You can now buy Stella Artois Spritzers, a "refreshing cide

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