Elizabeth Spano, the “Piano Rebel” performing at CBC Glenn Gould Studio

Elizabeth Spano, the "Piano Rebel" performing at CBC Glenn Gould Studio and VIP Meet and Greet with The Wine Ladies Join Elizabeth as she takes to  the stage March 7th


Legendary wines from the Hardys cellar back to the 30s

Legendary wines from the Hardy's cellar back to the 30sIf you've ever read James Halliday's 'Great Tastings' articles you're probably familiar with the story I'm about to tell.It involves wines that a


Quiz! Daily Wine Trivia Game from The Wine Ladies – Thursday, Feb 6th, 2014

For wine lovers, wine fanatics, wine novices and oenophiles, you too can learn quirky, shareable facts about reds, whites, and more. Simply select your answer. Test your wine knowledge! Qu


Feast on Italian Wine,Food,Fashion and Art in style! La Dolce Vita!

Discover "Art as Food" with Chef Salvatore Parretta. Join us at the uber cool Gallery NeXt at Studio NeXt located in trendy and fashionable Liberty Village for an evening of FEASTS...


The changing face of South African wines

Nearly 20 years after Apartheid ended in 1994, the wealth of wine in South Africa today is like Australia in the ’80s, Chile in the ’90s or even Argentina today.


Top 7 emerging wine regions

Wines from the “New World,” that once were the main challengers to “Old World” wines now have their own rivals, as more countries seek recognition for their wines.


Wines market to men using sports, video games and sex-appeal

The wine world is already so masculine, making special efforts to underscore its machismo seems akin to gluing chest hair to Rambo.


Cooking with cider

I was sipping a glass of alcoholic cider the other day and was amazed by its beguiling flavour.


Boxed wine sales up 18%

Most wine lovers seem to assume that the quality of wines packaged in alternatives to traditional glass bottles is somehow inferior.

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