Over 300 businesses have been through Fix Foward?s development programme. That?s electricians, plumbers, and builders who in turn employ about 1 500 people and can grow because they now have access to


Know of any top skinny-dipping beaches in and around South Africa? According to a new report, South Africa is the world?s 7th best country to swim skin on water


Zoom Whitening, a safe, in-chair teeth whitening procedure, will ?make you look younger and healthier and make the irregularities in the mouth seem less obvious?.


Mark it in your calendars: Cape Town will play host to next year?s ABB FIA Formula E World Championships on 26 February 2022


Bao Down Restaurant Upmarket: Cape Town's favourite has moved to Green Point


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Samadhi, snuggled into the hillside in the Hout bay, sleeps 14 in the main house and cottage and is adorned with the fine furnishings and furniture by Andrew Dominic and art by Dylan Lewis and Lionel


Most popular gatsby is the full steak, eggs and cheese gatsby, and their customers love their salomies because they are made with paratha (a flatbread similar to a roti, but more flakey).


Hyatt Regency, formerly the Hilton, will bring tourists into the historic Bo-Kaap, but also aims to contribute to the health and wealth of its community. Restaurants are halaal (general manager is Mus


Nestled at the foothills of Constantia is Little Stream Farmhouse Deli with its perfect summer picnic spots, tea garden menu and Wonderland-like garden.

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