Swartland – an apology

No f***ing Merlot’. I think those were the words of Miles in ‘Sideways’ and now I see David Clarke using them for his Ex Animo trade show next week. No probs with that, I’d


Does size matter?

© Cape Times Friday 17th July 2015 Since it appears that Women’s Month is all about spas, spoils and silliness and has nothing to do with remembering the events of 1956, I thought I’d

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Schoolyard, vineyard

© Cape Times Friday 17th July 2015 “In a cottage ‘neath the mountain was the seed of Wynberg sown.” This is the school song of Wynberg Boys High, one of the oldest boys’ sc


Wines worth the wait.

© Cape Times Friday 26th June 2015 According to all the stats, the majority of wines are drunk within a few hours of purchase, most people barely having time to chill them down before knocking them


10 Things you can learn with Vertical Tasting

© Cape Times Friday 15th May 2015 Firstly – what’s a ‘vertical tasting’? Nope – not one conducted standing up (nor is a horizontal tasting one where you end up mea


Malbec Musings

© Cape Times Friday 17th April 2015 Recently, I’ve been musing on Malbec, one of the ‘also-ran’ grapes in a red Bordeaux blend. Yes, I said red Bordeaux and I bet a few of you t

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Attention grabbers

© Cape Times Friday 20th March 2015 As our retail shelves become busier and busier with more choices of wines, labels, closures and brands cropping up every day, you really need a USP or Unique Sel


Cheers for a good cause

© Cape Times Friday 13th February 2015 What’s on your wine wish list? I’ve just been seeing some Facebook friends winning a single bottle of 1965 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, autographed by the


Restless, in need of change

© Cape Times Friday 16th January 2015 I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit Chardonnay-ed out at the moment. Also, a bit over-Chenin-ed and even a teensy bit sick of Sauvvies as well. Not


Best of the bubblies

© Cape Times Wednesday 24th December 2014 There is such a variation of different bubblies available on the shelves at the moment. Different styles, prices, grapes used, amount of time spent on lees,

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