Rat Lying Next To An Empty Bottle Of Hennessy Goes Viral As “just Another Day In New York City”

It was a rough Valentine's Day for one rat in NYC


Whisky Island

Steve Kroft and Bob Simon report on the Scottish Island of Islay, home to some of the world's premium single-malt scotch whiskies


California Vineyards Are Ready For Harvest — But Who’ll Pick The Grapes?

Winemakers find themselves competing with the higher-paying construction industry to retain workers


Trend toward “healthy” beer has some raising eyebrows

Is there such a thing as “healthy” beer? Not really, the experts say. But that hasn’t stopped some breweries from trying to market some products as natural, fresh or “better” for you.


Coca-cola Gets Served A Lawsuit By 2 Pastors

"I'm losing more people to the sweets than to the streets," DC-area pastor says


London brewery tackles food waste by making beer from used bread

Each bottle of Toast Ale beer contains a slice of unused bread collected from sandwich shop kitchens


Matcha madness sparks new tea craze

Matcha, the green tea popular for centuries in Japan, has crossed the Pacific Ocean. Tea sales in the U.S. have increased five-fold in 25 years, to more than $10 billion dollars.


Hold the wine, women want whiskey

If you think whiskey is only for guys, you’re in for a shot of reality. More women find they want a taste of the action, and they’re not just drinking it.


Cannabis-infused wine delivers a full body buzz says Melissa Etheridge

Pot brownies, cookies and other potent treats have been around for years, but as more states pass legislation to legalize marijuana, a rock star would like to introduce you to a more sophisticated form of cannabis cuisine.


California wildfires threaten wine-growing regions in Amador and El Dorado

Wildfires burning near Northern California vineyards and in the Yosemite National Park area were threatening hundreds of homes even as crews worked to contain them.

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