A report has uncovered some alarming findings about the state of nutrition in South Africa – we not moving enough and not drinking enough water.


Savanna Cider has issued a statement distancing itself from what it calls “irresponsible and damaging consumer-generated social media activity”.


Customers who bought this product have been urged to stop consuming it immediately and return it to the place they purchased it for a full refund.


The townships’ favourite hustler chats about making yet another move that will be both inspirational and financially beneficial for the hood.


The perfect serve is not as easy as two teaspoons of your favourite instant coffee and water.


Organisers have touted plans to go mostly vegan at this year’s Oscars party but celebrities need not fear — there will still be plenty of caviar, smoked salmon and wagyu, the event’s main chef assured Friday.


The museum’s recreation will stir the memories of those who saw the original installation and inspire the imaginations of those who didn’t.


The South African Breweries (SAB) and AB InBev Africa are giving consumers more choice and a smarter drinking option with the introduction of the first alcohol-free beer to be brewed in South Africa.


The Delaire Graff Estate houses a trove of highly valuable art from internationally celebrated names.


If you’re on the fence about which political party gets your vote, picking drinks for one of the largest music festivals in the country will be the second tough choice you make.

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