Caesar Cervisia: If You Want To Ring In The New Year With Beer Rather Than Champagne, Belgian Brews Are Ideal For Celebration

New Year's Eve, for those of us who drink alcohol, traditionally involves champagne. In fact, for many different types of celebratory occasions, champagne is the drink of choice. Why? Perhaps it?


Vine Social: What Happens When A Cicerone Selects Brews To Share With A Beer-wary Sommelier?

I know precious little about beer. Aside from some pedestrian lingo about lagers and IPAs and plebeian fermentation knowledge, I?m pretty clueless?and...

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Vine Social: The First Palm Springs Wine Fest Was An Amazing Event That Proves A Wine-awakening Is Finally Happening In The Desert

I?m now going to gush about the best wine-tasting I?ve ever been to?ever. I am going to spend the next 900 words or so name-dropping winemakers you?ve...


Desert Cicerone: We Reviewed Some Of Guinness’ Locally Available Beers?and We Liked What We Tasted

After my last column on American breweries selling out to huge multi-national conglomerates, I thought I would shake it up a bit ? and review beers fr...

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Vine Social: Is Aging Wines Becoming A Thing Of The Past? The Answer: Well, Sort Of …

Dear Katie: I just found a bottle of 2004 Fetzer chardonnay in my hall closet. It was on the floor hidden under a down comforter. Is it still good? Si...

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