Have You Been Mispronouncing ‘passiona’ Wrong Your Whole Life?

It seems thousands of Australians have been mispronouncing the soft drink 'Passiona' incorrectly after a father unearthed an old advertisement sharing the correct way to say the name.


Two Drinks A Week In Early Pregnancy Could Stunt A Baby’s Brain

Downing just over two drinks a week in the early stages of pregnancy could cause the impact the development of the baby's brain, and lead to behavioural disorders such as anxiety and depression.


Is This Proof Pascal Wallace Doesn’t Win The Bachelorette?

He's one of the sixteen suitors vying for the hearts of Elly and Becky Miles on this year's The Bachelorette.


Jaguar Land Rover Worker Knocked Boy Off His Bike

Jaguar Land Rover worker Ibrahim Shujah, 18, attacked four people on the roads of Birmingham and Solihull in a 'spate of madness', including during the coronavirus lockdown.


Maggie Beer’s Kitchen On the Cook And The Chef Isn’t Her Real One

Maggie Beer is one of Australia's most revered TV cooks.


Famed Napa Valley Winery Destroyed By Fire As 2,000 Evacuated

Firefighters on Sunday were attempting to contain the Glass Fire, which broke out before dawn and has now consumed 2,500 acres - forcing people from their homes and destroying a vineyard.


Stripper Who Went Viral On Humans Of Ny Is Back With More Stories

Last November, Humans of New York shared the story of a former stripper who went by the name Tanqueray. The account is now sharing more details of her life in a new 32-part series.


Surrey Mansion On Denbies Wine Estate Is On Sale For £8.75million

The Denbies House, near Dorking, is situated on a historic country estate high up in the Surrey Hills - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The estate was developed by London builder Thomas Cubitt.


Man Arrives On Land After Four Days Lost At Sea Clutching Bourbon

Derek Robinson, 48, was greeted by emotional family and friends - including his grandson Hurricane - on Thursday afternoon.


Second Grader Shows Of Bottle Of Malibu Rum For Show And Tell On Zoom

Meghan Maza Oeser from Illinois, shared a photo of her daughter Penny attending class on Zoom. She was showing her class 'something that smells good' - a bottle of Malibu rum.

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