Wolfgat, Reviewed: Paternoster?s Strandveld Food, From Shore To Plate

Wolfgat, and chef Kobus van der Merwe, are on every food-obsessed person?s lips. Websites and magazine articles proclaim his rise to fame. But who is this young man and what makes his food so unbeliev


Tequil-appeal: Jozi?s J Rabbit Tequileria Shoots The Breeze

Tequila ? the intense spirit which conjures nightmares of hangovers and bad decisions ? was not designed to be knocked back at bachelor parties. This under-appreciated liquor is finally getting the re


Crisis In Coffee Means Hipsters Could Lose Speciality Blends

The dramatic plunge in coffee prices has gotten so bad that it?s threatening to claim its next victim: the specialty blends used by fancy coffee shops and discerning home brewers.


Winelands Dining: A Touch Of Provence, Cape Style

The Heritage Tasting menu at Grande Provence in Franschhoek is a lovely example of how South African recipes handed down through generations can work well on the plate with companions and styles from


Bistros Go Local: Spekboom, Naartjies And Num Nums Take Centre Plate

Bistro fare celebrates African ingredients, from the familiar to the exotic, from springbok and warthog to num nums and Amarula, in a venture to make heroes of rural food in an urban environment.


Boland Dining: The Table (okay, Lawn) At De Meye

When travelling the Winelands in search of something delicious to nibble on, there is a plethora of choice at virtually every stop, so when we planned our trip to the area around Stellenbosch we were


Land Reform: Wine Farmers Apply For An Interdict Against Black First Land First Over Land Occupation

A number of farm owners in the Western Cape have banded together to lodge an interdict against Black First Land First (BLF) to prevent it from occupying their land. The political party has called for


Opinionista: Street Lights And Ward Allocations: Discrimination On The Basis Of Race And Poverty In The City Of Cape Town

An objective look at a map detailing the allocation of public lighting across Cape Town reveals that the allocation is unequal. Poor working-class black and coloured communities are predominantly prov


Opinionista: Don?t Let Political Activists Hamstring Our Economy

South Africa?s leading milk producer, Clover Industries, has received a generous buyout offer from MilCo SA, a consortium that is part-owned by an Israeli firm. The South African wing of the Palestini


Pj Vadas Is Smokin?

My whole life I?ve identified with Mrs Sprat ? you know, the wife of Jack Sprat who could eat no fat, and she could eat no lean? Fat is yummy. Fat is flavour. Any chef will tell you that. How anyone c

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