Collecting rare whisky is big business. What was until recently an esoteric niche populated by a small group of enthusiasts has become a global phenomenon, with a multi-million-dollar auction market and collectors competing fiercely for the most sought-after bottles.


Cookson Adventures has offered a trip that includes a dive to the wreck of the Titanic plus a recreation of the wine-paired dinner served to those in first class on the ship’s fateful maiden voyage.


Can you win our wine World Cup Quiz?



Champagne house Dom Pérignon and Lenny Kravitz – the American film actor and musician – are set to collaborate on an exclusive creative project.


Andrew Harvey, Sydney, Australia, asks: I was told the world’s oldest productive vine is 400 years old. Is this true? If so, where is it?


Imagine you’ve got 12 hours to get a Burgundy grand cru wine that is only listed as available in Austria…


Maligned by some, it remains one of the world’s most popular grape varieties. But do you know these famous Merlot wines?


Sharing a good bottle of wine over dinner is already one of the events to treasure in life, but now there is evidence that it can help your relationship.


The Graham Beck wines are classic in style and a good value, reliable alternative to Champagne.


French winemakers have sent tens of thousands of litres of Spanish wine gushing onto the motorway in southern France, in protest at mass produced foreign wine entering the country.

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