Mtdc Announces “india Grape Harvest, Wine Festival 2018” In Nashik

The festival is part of MTDC’s endeavour to increase Wine and Agro-Tourism.


Unique Yens

On the lookout for an unconventional weekend activity or getaway? Here are ideas worth putting on your bucket list.


Bottoms up! Drinking Tequila Can Lead To Weight Loss

Wish to lose those extra pounds and at the same time do not want to cut down on alcohol? Drink tequila shots.


Game of Thrones actor launches Icelandic Mountain Vodka

Ser Gregor Clegane or the Mountain from Game of Thrones has branched out his interests and is now spokesperson and co-owner of Icelandic Mountain Vodka.


Havana Club launches premium rum

Cuban rum giant Havana club has launched a new series of rum called Tributo collection.


The world`s first Tequila flavoured beer

Winemaking nation France added Mexico’s favourite tequila to the world’s staple beer to produce a stunning combination of sweet and bitter.

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