Awesome Scratch-Off Craft Beer Chart Helps You Track What You Have Drunk

Previously, we featured this impressive, comprehensive beer chart that listed 500 varieties of beer by Pop Chart Lab.


Spot your favourite superheroes on these Absolut Vodka bottles

The collaboration between Absolut Vodka and Marvel Comics. Using just a silhouette of the designated characters where people can recognise their favourite marvel characters just by looking at the packaging. 


Beer Bottle Redesign Turns It Upside Down For Faster Drinking

DDB China has launched an amusing and cheeky campaign for China’s Tsingtao Brewery.


New Wine Cork Design Lets You Remove Corks With A Simple Twist

Although plastic wine corks and metal screw-on caps have been around for a while, there is evidence for an “overwhelming preference” among consumers for traditional corks, even though they suffer from inconsistent quality resulting in “cork taint”. 


An Inhalable ‘Whisky Tornado’ That Can Get You Drunk

UK-based design duo Sam Bompas and Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr have created a ‘whisky tornado’ that can actually make you drunk when inhaled.


Playboy Ventures Away From ‘Bunnies’, Opens Exclusive Wine Club

It seems like the iconic men’s brand is venturing away from ‘Bunnies’ and moving into the wine business.


The World`s Biggest Burger

The Black Bear Casino Resort in Minnesota has set the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest burger on 2 September 2012.


McDonald`s To Open Its First Vegetarian Outlet

Fast-food giant McDonald’s will be eschewing its trademark beef burgers to open its first all-vegetarian outlet in the world.

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