Wine Spectator Reviews Dombeya

by Johann OlivierThe world's most read wine publication, Wine Spectator, has released its reviews of a selection of wines from the Dombeya range. The good news is that there is a little of the 2012 Ch



by Johann OlivierIt is a year of firsts, both for the 2014 recipient of the Dombeya Scholarship and the Scholarship itself. This year the worthy 2014 recipient, Salvester van Rooyen, will hop on a pla


The Surprise of the Season

by Johann OlivierLate one recent Thursday, after a long day of tasting, a game-changer entered our vinous lives. If you told us what was about to be poured, we may not have even bothered. South Africa


From the Ashes – Dombeya Fenix 2009

by Johann OlivierIt is fair to say that we hadn't intended on releasing a new wine. Certainly, it must be said, not another Bordeaux-style blend, identical to the award winning Dombeya Altus that alre

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Haskell Open Day 2013

by Johann OlivierGrowing up in the winelands is a blessing. Numerous Saturdays were spent not knowing what to do. Luckily the abundance of activities ensured that a boredom filled day was never on the


Dombeya 2009 Red releases – Our best yet ?

by Grant DoddDombeya 2009 Red releases- Our best yet ?True, you are unlikely to hear a wine producer telling their customers that their latest releases are of poor quality and unworthy of buying. And

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What’s Happening in the Vineyards? Suckering

by Werner ElsQuality over quantity is essential for successful wine making. That is why suckering plays such an important role in vineyard management. If the vines bear too much fruit the general qual


Haskell Open Day – 3 November 2012

by Werner ElsThe 4th annual Haskell Vineyards Open Day will take place on Saturday 3 November 2012 from 10:00 - 15:00. Entry is free.You are invited to try the new releases and attend one of two Maste

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What’s Happening in the Vineyards? New beginnings and Bud Break

by Werner ElsPruning is finally finished and just in time too!As the weather started to turn and become slowly but surely warmer, the small buds that were left on the vine after pruning started to gro


What’s happening in the Vineyards? Pruning the vines

by Werner ElsWe can all agree that this winter was a terribly wet and cold one. In the vineyards there weren't much activity as the vines were in their dormant stage, resting and preparing for the com

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