Hitting up clubs and bars over the weekend is a usual occurrence and serves as a much-needed break for those looking to shake off the stress of a busy work week. However, the average club or bar often becomes dull after a few visits and after a while, they all start blending together.


Being hungover is anathema to weekend excellence. You wake up with a mouth like the Sahara desert, drool on the pillow, and a headache that feels like a drill to the brain. Luckily, one of the most tried and true methods of combating the effects of a hangover is to dust yourself off and start drinking again.

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In countries where eating olives is comparatively new, it is important to have a benchmark for gauging the quality of a table olive. Consumers should be aware of what to look for in a good quality, tasty table olive. Highlighting these attributes will create awareness about the excellent local products that are available and protect consumers from being served second rate products, which is unfortunately something to which they have become accustomed for far too long.


There’s an oft-forgotten adage, “All grapes wish they could be wine, while all wines wish they could be a Port” – and the “King” of this style is doubtlessly Vintage. A “Vintage” Port is only released in the finest of years and is a wine deservedly demanding, decades of bottle maturation to showcase its true craftsmanship and full potential. However, in this instant gratification age, few other than the truest of wine connoisseurs has the appetite to age these wines for the required time – indeed a sad situation. However, a finely crafted Tawny allows those amongst us who don’t have the luxury of time, capacious cellars or patience, an opportunity to experience a “matured” fortified which has been imbued by the magic of time, craftmanship & an unhurried journey in cask.


The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has designated July as Hot Dog Month and for 2017 Wednesday, July 19 as National Hot Dog Day. 


What could be surprising to many people is that there are indeed many vegan chocolates around for those who want to enjoy chocolate without having to worry about any animal products being used in their creation. As a matter of fact, most dark chocolates are vegan because they are made up of cocoa and coerce butter which both derived from the cocoa plant. What makes chocolate classified as non-vegan, however, is that dairy products are added to the pure chocolate to make it into milk chocolate.


There’s no denying, Monica from the 90s sitcom “Friends” knew how to throw a proper party and mix a classic cocktail. It’s seems like some of that talent extended to actress Courteney Cox’s personal bar skills. 


Oh, my papa, to me he was so wonderful

Oh, my papa, to me he was so good …


When #DrinkChenin Day comes around on 18 June, why not open a bottle of Nederburg Heritage Heroes The Anchorman Chenin Blanc? You’ll discover its superb freshness matched by complexity and structure, and ripe apricot, white peach and floral flavours with a hint of spice.


CBD has gained perhaps the most attention as one of the versatile and best products on the market nowadays. Thus, new products are upcoming, as most companies are taking the opportunity of including CBD in their products.