Live The High Life With These Cannabis Champagne Replicas

Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the fasted growing segments of the marijuana industry. Marijuana beverages attract a variety of adult consumers, with Millennials showing a preference for marijuana over alcohol.


Bacardi Unveils Biodegradable Bottles Made From Plant-based Material

Biodegradable products manufacturer Danimer Scientific has partnered with Bacardi to create a bottle made using natural oils derived from seeds including palm, canola and soy.

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Guinness Goes Guilt-Free With Non-Alcoholic Stout

Stout lovers can now enjoy a Guinness without worrying about the effects the beer might have on their health.


The Makers Of BOS Ice Tea Celebrate 10 Years With New Fruit Icys

BOS Brands, the makers of BOS Ice Tea is celebrating their 10th birthday this month with a fun new product, just in time for summer. 


What Grows Together, Goes Together

I was recently asked whether regionality affects wine and food pairing. Adhering to the philosophy of ‘what grows together, goes together’ my answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Creation is close to Walker Bay and the cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean that caress our vineyards play an important role in creating elegant wines with exceptional pairing potential. 


Rocking The Lagoon With Cloud 9

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with the Cloud 9 band!

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Here’s How Practice Tests Help You Become an Advanced CiscoCCNA User

If you are interested in mastering online advertising and want to dedicate your career to it, then earning the CiscoCCNA certification will be the best opportunity for you. Once you become a certified CCNA user, you will have a huge chance to get hired by top-notch PPC companies and other organizations. Author: Sarah J


Fit For A #QueenB: Bonang Matheba Launches Sparkling Wines In Cans

Bonang Matheba’s House of BNG continues its unstoppable ascent in the South African luxury beverage market with its latest release, BNG Nectar, one of the first South African luxury beverage brands to produce a true sparkling wine in a can.


New Wine Bar, Culture, To Open On Bree Street

Wine. More than just a drink, it’s a culture.


Stellar Awards For Boplaas Cast Touriga Nacional Into The Limelight

The outstanding qualities of the Touriga Nacional grape variety has thrust it into the South African wine spotlight following two significant awards presented to Boplaas Family Vineyards in Calitzdorp in recent days. Its Boplaas Touriga Nacional 2019 was first selected as the Best Value Red Wine of the Year by Master of Wine Tim Atkin, in his seminal annual South African report, before going on to be named National Variety Champion at the Novare Terroir Awards.