Cocktails don’t need to taste like dessert, and there’s a whole world of complex drinks that skew spicy, herbal, and bitter.


Looking for a chrome sidekick capable of getting even the most devout Star Wars uber fans out of bed in the morning? A new coffee maker from nerd-culture retailer Think Geek may be your only hope.


Alright, alright, alright: Matthew McConaughey has officially signed on as Wild Turkey’s creative director.


In a typical U.S. grocery store, a bunch of grapes is probably one of the cheapest snacks money can buy. In Japan, however, a single bunch of grapes just sold at auction for 1.1 million yen — or nearly $11,000.


It’s common knowlegde that Americans love just about anything that’s been deep-fried.


Interest in more naturally made wines—whether they’re organic, biodynamic, or brandish neither certification—is growing alongside a general consumer shift towards foods that contain fewer artificial, processed ingredients.


Customers seem to love getting a rise out of Starbucks baristas, “tricking” them into writing Merry Christmas on red cups and calling themselves Beyonce.


Now that latte art is practically de rigueur, today’s beverage artisans are reaching for ever more ambitious sources of inspiration.


It’s no secret that soda is unhealthy, despite whatever Coca-Cola’s recently disbanded team of sketchy scientists may have said.


Thanks to a biophysicist, caffeinated muffins could be coming soon to a coffee shop near you — and they’ll also be loaded with antioxidants.

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