Sacramento Kings Guests Can Use ‘smart’ Bottles To Pour Their Own Drinks

The bottle tech is clever, if a little impersonal.


Pepsi Is Making A Sodastream-like Sparkling Water Station

Pepsi is trying its hand at SodaStream-style dispensers with a sparkling water station that offers its own mobile app.


Budweiser is blasting barley into space to brew beer on Mars

Settlers could arrive on Mars as soon as 2024, if SpaceX gets its way. And, those newcomers to the red planet are going to need supplies, like…beer.


The Top Twitch Clip Involves A Horror Game And Jack Daniels

The scream heard 'round the world.

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The World Of High Fashion Finally Has Its Answer To Amazon

LVMH hopes its new site, 24 Sèvres, becomes the online home of luxury shopping.


Quirky wine rack could refill itself using Amazon Dash

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in cold sweat and frantically worrying, “Oh God, is my wine rack sufficiently full?”


Countertop draught system makes bad beer good

I like — nay — love beer. But I’ll be honest, when I first heard about Fizzics and its promise to deliver the perfect pour of tap-quality beer from any can or bottle I dismissed it. It seems like the sort of silly snake oil you’d find in SkyMall or Sharper Image. But, I gave Philip Petracca, the CEO of the company the opportunity to convince me otherwise.


France wants more say over internet rules to protect its wine sales

It’s no secret that many countries want greater control over the internet than they have under the current, US-centric model.

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