How Starbucks Plans To Produce Carbon Neutral Coffee

Starbucks will work to meet its 2030 target of carbon neutral green coffee, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in coffee at origin then compensating for any remaining emissions, by deploying thre


Carlsberg Reports Continued Carbon Reduction And Water Recycling Achievements

In 2019, the Carlsberg Group achieved a 30% reduction in relative carbon emissions at its breweries since 2015 (13% since 2018), with 56% of electricity from renewable sources and a total of five carb


Absolut Focuses On Agriculture, Supply Chain & Packaging To Meet 2030 Sustainability Goals

The Absolut Company has announced that the production of Absolut Vodka will be fossil fuel free by 2025, and completely carbon neutral by 2030 with no offsets needed. To reach these goals, the company


Jack Daniels And Sustainability: Q&a With Suzette Carty

Recently we caught up with Suzette Carty, senior manager of environmental sustainability at Jack Daniel's, to learn more about the company's new sustainability goals, and how they fit into the brand?s


Jose Cuervo Introduces Agave Fiber Drinking Straws

Tequila company Jose Cuervo has previously upcycled agave fiber from its production process into surfboards, guitars, and car parts. Recently the brand expanded into making drinking straws with an aga


The Absolut Company Pursues Paper Bottles: Q&a With Louise Werner

Louise Werner, director of the Absolut Company?s future packaging team, offers an inside look at how they?re pursuing a fully recyclable paper bottle.


Absolut Vodka Touts Transparency With Naked Campaign

Absolut is calling attention to its supply chain transparency and sustainability efforts in a video ad campaign released this week.


Climate Change Could Boost British Wine Industry

Climate change could be a boon to the UK wine industry, making Britain one of the world’s largest wine producers by the middle of this century, the New York Times reports.

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