The Hands-down Best Rum To Drink Right Now

You won't want to waste these bottles on Coke.


The Hands-down Best Gin To Drink Right Now

We're lucky to be living?and drinking?in the middle of a Ginaissance.


Breaking Bad Is Releasing a Real-Life Schraderbräu

It takes a year like this one to remind us how great we really had it in 2013. Batkid was a hero to San Francisco, our president wasn’t a racist game show host, and we had one of the best television series ever in Breaking Bad, a show that answered the question, what if Hal from Malcolm in the Middle were a meth kingpin in the American southwest?


Brewdog’s New Ipa Was Brewed Specifically For Frequent Flyers

Speedbird 100 is the world's first beer brewed at 40,000 feet.


The Hands-down Best Tequila Brands To Drink Right Now

To shoot, to sip, or to mix?and with some Jose Cuervo in there for good measure.


3 Of The Weirdest Beer Flavours

There’s plenty of mainstream weirdness happening in the beer world. Heineken has a non-alcoholic beer. Bud Light is starting corn syrup wars. Beer drinkers suddenly want low-ABV beers like, ugh, Michelob Ultra. But dig a layer deeper into the realm of craft beer, and some truly wild stuff is happening. Like the use of animal testicles in the brewing process. Here are the three weirdest beers you can find and taste-test—if you dare—in 2019.


Dogfish Head Figured Out How To Brew A Low-cal Ipa That Doesn’t Taste Like Seltzer Water

Yeah, that kind of IPA, courtesy of monk fruit.


The Dramathon Is The Perfect Race For Runners Who Love Single Malt Scotch

The route takes you through Scotland's distilleries. The prize is whisky.


People Are Wasting Real Money on Empty Bottles of Trump’s Failed Vodka

Donald Trump has run a lot of businesses into the ground. There was Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Mortgages, and Trump University (you probably remember how that one ended), just to name a few.


How to Make Tequila Infused with Coffee

Two vices for the price of one!

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