Adele has revealed she has been banned from social media by her management.


I’m not necessarily a big fan of New World, present day chardonnays.


On Friday TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan’s daily booze drinking ways have climaxed in a consumption of about two liters of vodka daily.


“Fat” Lady Gaga seems to be having some fun with her body image lately.


A new study shows drinking a couple glasses of wine each day boosts bone health in women going through menopause. This is an interesting contrast to previous studies which show alcohol abuse contributes to bone loss.


There is variety of bagged salads available in the produce aisle of your local supermarket. When you take your prewashed bagged salad home, do you wash it before serving it to your family?


What is International Champagne Day? “It’s a global celebration of real Champagne, from the Champagne region of France,” Oggenfuss explains.


The kojic acids in rice wine (sake) decrease your skin’s ability to form the type of melanin found in age spots and freckles.


Of the many expressions attributed to playwrite William Shakespeare used in everyday life, there are numerous, though lesser known, references to wine.


Remember when energy drinks first were hitting the scene and stories came out about teens rushed to the emergency room for caffeine overdose?

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