Can You Freeze Fresh Pasta?

FRESH pasta can be made at home or bought in the supermarket, but with stocks and supplies running low at the moment can you freeze fresh pasta?


How To Cook Bulgur Wheat

BULGUR wheat is a versatile ingredient and can be used in wealth of dishes. Here is how to cook bulgur wheat.

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How To Make Lasagne White Sauce

LASAGNE is a classic dish and a staple on any Italian restaurant's menu. Here's how to make lasagne white sauce so you can cook it at home.


How To Cook Paneer

PANEER is a versatile, delicious ingredient which you can use in a variety of tasty dishes. Here's some ideas on how you can cook paneer at home.


Can You Make Bread Without Yeast?

BREAD has become a valuable commodity during the coronavirus crisis, as people continue to stockpile and panic buy during the government lockdown. Can you make bread without yeast?


Takeaways: Are Take Aways Still Open, Are Fish And Chip Shops Still Open?

TAKEAWAYS are becoming a staple for many British households as the UK goes on lockdown due to the coronavirus. As Boris Johnson announced some shops should close, are takeaways still open?

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Can You Freeze Pizza Dough?

EMPTY shelves in the supermarkets have been caused by many people stockpiling food because of fears surrounding COVID-19. Can you freeze pizza dough if you have made or bought too much?


Can You Freeze Potatoes?

POTATOES are one of the most versatile ingredients available so they're perfect for stocking up your fridge with - but can you freeze potatoes?


Hot Cross Bun Taste Test 2020: The Best Easter Treats Including Asda And Marks & Spencer

EASTER is only a few weeks away and Britons will soon tuck into chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. taste tested some of the biggest brands this year to find the best product. Which retai


Can You Freeze Onions?

CORONAVIRUS has coursed through much of the UK, with nearly 4,000 cases as of March 21, leaving panic in its wake as thousands of people opt to stockpile ahead of government lockdown. Can you freeze o

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