Millennial Booze Startup Haus Wants You To Ditch The Aperol Spritz

A new alcoholic beverage called Haus thinks it can tap into younger consumers? desire for wellness even in their booze?and introduce a new type of drink to the U.S.


La Croix Sales Plummet As It Becomes Another Failed Experiment In Hipster Design

Go buy literally any other seltzer product instead.


Pepsi Is Suing 4 Indian Farmers For Potato Infringement

Turns out you can go to court for planting the wrong potatoes.


Creepy Facebook Patent Uses Image Recognition To Scan Your Personal Photos For Brands

Facebook may soon know if you?re holding a Starbucks cup or drinking Grey Goose vodka.


How One Beer Company Is Ditching Plastic Six-pack Rings

Carlsberg six-packs will now be held together with an innovative new glue, which will dramatically reduce the brewery’s plastic use.


Heineken’s New Brand Strategy Will Definitely Not Leave You Guessing

Global senior brand director Gianluca Di Tondo explains why they’re ditching taglines and changing their approach to attract young people around the world.


Are You Ready To Drink Budweiser Beer Aged With Jim Beam Barrels?

Copper Lager is aged in bourbon barrels and part of Bud’s ongoing push into the premium market.


John Legend opens up about how making wine is like making music

How do you come down from the high of performing in concert for thousands of adoring fans? One option available to John Legend is: with a glass of wine straight from his own collection.


Pepsi’s New Shape Of Water Is A Product Called Drinkfinity

PepsiCo broke from its typical R&D process to create this pod-and-bottle system for flavored water.


Heineken Still Hasn’t Recovered From Chance The Rapper Calling Its Ad Racist

If you’ve ever doubted the needle-moving power of Twitter influencers, pour one out for Heineken. The Dutch beer brewer suffered a significant dip in consumer sentiment after one of its commercials

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