Baladeo Pocket Cutlery Set

If man were meant to pop corks, prong peas, open tins, stir soup, slice sausages and tighten screws he’d have been given Swiss army hands. But he wasn’t. So you’ll have to make do with the ingenious Baladeo Pocket Cutlery Set.

A must-have companion for campers, glampers, picnickers, hikers, impatient kebab fans and civilised festival-goers, this nifty little stainless steel multi-tool contains everything you need to eat your dindins with a level of dignity rarely afforded to outdoorsy types.


Koziol Torr Corkscrew

Grab the bull by the horns! It may not be big, but this stylish bull has the power to sweep you off you feet. Or get you legless. However you like to put it.

The Koziol Torr Corkscrew has a cleverly-hidden steel spiral for uncorking your favourite vino. Just lift up the horns to reveal the corkscrew. Once you’ve opened your bottle, slot them back into this stylish little gadget, ready for next time.


Bottle Cap Tripod

Photos don’t improve when you’ve either chopped everyone’s heads off or rendered them so fuzzy that it looks like they’re drowning in a vat of lemonade, do they? So why do you carry on being a slave to bad snaps? If you don’t know the answer, then we do: it’s as simple as popping a cap on a bottle.

The Bottle Cap Tripod is a genius device to make your photos as clear and crisp as they possibly can be by stabilising your camera. And you don’t need expensive bits of kit or a hand as steady as an SAS man under fire either – just a standard screw-top bottle.


Headcase iPhone Bottle Opener

Opening beer bottles with your iPhone makes less sense than cracking coconuts with your sunglasses. But we gave up trying to make sense of things years ago, especially when products as brilliant as the HeadCase keep landing on our doorstep.

Destined to save you a small fortune in emergency dentistry bills, this ingeniously daft rubberised hard shell iPhone case features an integrated stainless steel bottle opener. Yes, really! It’ll even prise open pesky, hard to finger ring-pulls. Beer and iPhones? What’s not to love?


Star Trek Bottle Opener

Trekkies are not exactly renowned for their beer-swilling, party-hearty shenanigans. But don’t let that put you off the so-nerdy-it’s-cool Star Trek Bottle Opener because it really is the ultimate geek-chic drinking accessory.

Modelled on the legendary starship captained by James T. Kirk, this sturdy steel opener’s ongoing mission is to explore strange new kitchens; to seek out pesky bottles and to boldly open what no opener has opened before. Maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s sure to attract attention whenever you grasp its sleek nacelles and crack open a beer (or Romulan ale) with its lid-biting saucer section.

As well as its supreme practicality, the Starship Enterprise Bottle Opener serves as a constant tribute to the most iconic pretend spacecraft in televisual history. Better still it’s embossed with the legendary NCC-1701 registration, so you can be sure you’re opening your bottle of wallop with a Shatner-era vessel. And that’s just as well because judging by his, erm, interesting cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Captain Kirk is the only member of Starfleet who likes a drink.


Vodka and Tequila Flavoured Insect Lollipops

Those of you old enough to remember Kojak will recall how the lovable old slaphead was forever slurping on his lollipop.


Beer Soap

Ah, the smell of it!If you think drinking beer is fun, wait until you try washing with it.

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