Chilean Sauvignon Blanc Is The Most Interesting Wine Of The Year

Everywhere I went in Chile, the Sauvignon Blancs blew me away. The wines have lately gained layered complexity, acidic vibrancy, and textural lushness?along with serious aging potential. Here are 11 C


7 Wine Gifts Dad Will Love For Father’s Day

If you’re wondering what to buy for any dad that loves wine, we have plenty of gift ideas. These are the best wine gifts to give for Father’s Day this year.

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Quarantine Can’t Stop You From Drinking Rosé All Summer

This is a very different rosé season from any we’ve had in the past. Because of the pandemic, we’re unable to swarm outdoor café tables and sip together while forking bite after bite of calamari


This Elegant, Simple Fish Dish Uses The ‘steak Of The Sea’

Chef Ludo Lefebvre prepares turbot véronique, serving it with beurre blanc, crispy mushrooms, and a pear martini.


Restaurants Are Turning Their Parking Lots Into Drive-in Movie Theaters

As the coronavirus pandemic closes businesses and shuts people into their houses, it seems that everything old is new again: chain letters, sourdough baking, and puzzles.


10 Planet-friendly Wines To Drink On Earth Day

Consider this guide your Earth Day wine shopping list. Each of the wines on this list is produced using methods?some new, some ancient?that limit their impact on the planet.


This Pub Is Delivering Properly Poured Pints Of Guinness Directly To People’s Doors

You can?t go to the pub, but Belfast's The Hatfield House is bringing the pub to you.


3 New Varieties Being Embraced By California Winemakers

California winemakers are a restless bunch, and even when they?re bound to the Cabernet-Chardonnay mast, the siren calls of other varieties are a constant lure.…


There’s Never Been A Better Time To Join A Wine Club

With the coronavirus pandemic changing shopping habits that most of us have always taken for granted, wine clubs are suddenly more than just one option…


Sonoma Coast Wineries Need Your Love Now More Than Ever

Despite the way that wineries are often portrayed in the movies, many of them are small family businesses that exist just a single bad harvest…

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