Psa: You Can Buy A Sodastream For Under $50 Right Now

The Jet Sparkling Water Maker Kit from SodaStream has over 2,000 five-star ratings, and it?s just $48 during Prime Day 2020. The kit includes a sparkling water maker, CO2 cylinder, and BPA-free reusab


Oat Milk Beer? Dogfish Head Is Bringing It To The Masses

Hazy-O!?an oat milk-centric, hazy IPA?will receive a soft launch this Friday before going nationwide early next year.


9 Charitable Wines That Donate To Causes We Love

Doing a little good with every glass you pour.


Why The Wines Of Chile’s Far South Should Be On Your Radar

We're celebrating the country's small, independent producers that have a growing interest in low-intervention winemaking. Here are 10 bottles to look for.


This Budweiser Can Condo Has To Be Seen To Be Believed (and Even Then It’s Pretty Unbelievable)

A Florida real estate listing is attracting national attention for its walls covered in beer cans.


The Truth About Pairing Wine With Red Meat

We asked the experts to tell us everything they know about red meat and red wine.


The Best Affordable Imported Wines From All Over The World

While a lot of imported wines cost an arm and a leg?and are usually worth every penny?you don?t have to spend big to explore some of the great, under-appreciated wines of Europe, South America, Austra


You Need To Try The Sparkling Wine From Canada’s Okanagan Valley

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia's achingly beautiful Okanagan Valley are some of the best sparkling wine producers you have yet to discover. This up-and-coming region first leapt into the spa


Guinness Is Using Excess Beer To Feed Christmas Trees

While pubs have shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, the brewery is sending some of its surplus to fertilize evergreens.


Chilean Sauvignon Blanc Is The Most Interesting Wine Of The Year

Everywhere I went in Chile, the Sauvignon Blancs blew me away. The wines have lately gained layered complexity, acidic vibrancy, and textural lushness?along with serious aging potential. Here are 11 C

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