The Cocktail That Costs More Than A Racehorse

Remember when you could buy the world’s most expensive drink for only $9,000? Yeah, neither do we, because San Manuel Casino in Highland, California is now selling a new cocktail for $10,000 and we can’t remember anything once that much money is involved.


Blue Moon’s Creator Is Now Developing The First Ever Thc-infused Beers

Blue Moon head Keith Villa has stepped away from his role at Coors to focus on making the first-ever THC-infused beers that could legally be sold.


These Cannabis-infused Sodas Will Take You Higher With Each Sip

As dispensaries pop up across the country, you can not only smoke, eat, and vape your weed, now you can even drink it.


Dragons Breath Chili Is The New Worlds Hottest Pepper

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The Reason Why Mcdonald`s Coca-cola Tastes Better Than The Rest

I’m so excited by this revelation, because there’s finally a basis for something I, and probably a lot of you already thought. I’ve sworn on my life that Coca-Cola tastes better at McDonald’s, but I never knew how to explain it. I just knew it was.


McDonald’s Designed A Milkshake STRAW That Will Change The Way You Suck

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DUI Fries Are California’s Best-Kept Secret

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How to properly tap a beer keg

If you’re over the age of 21, there’s a good chance you might find yourself in a position where you may be required to tap a keg to get the party started — or keep it going.

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The Real Reason We All Love To Order Ginger Ale On Planes

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People Are Spraying Cheap Vodka On Their Clothes For A Brilliant Reason

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