No Green Bottles For Sprite Anymore: Coca-cola Seeks To Increase Pet Recyclability In Sea

Coca-Cola has opted to increase the recyclability of its Sprite bottles in the South East Asian region by converting all new bottles from green to clear.


Double The Luxury: Coca-cola Japan Launches Second Two-fruit Fanta Product With Focus On Indulgence

Coca-Cola Japan has launched the second product in its popular two-fruit Fanta Zeitaku W series, maintaining its focus on luxury and indulgence, this time with a blend of two types of grapes.


?paradigm Shift?: How Sri Lanka?s Dilmah Tea?s Premium Positioning Created A Global Success Story ? Ceo Exclusive

World-renowned tea giant Dilmah Tea has seen phenomenal growth and success since its humble beginnings as a small family business in Sri Lanka over three decades ago, but CEO Dilhan Fernando has told


Sprite Coconut: Coca-cola Bringing ?new Brand Touchpoints? To The China

Coca-Cola Company is putting a spin on its trademark Sprite beverage in China with the launch of Sprite Coconut this summer.


More Tax In The Middle East: Oman Joins Saudi And Qatar In Introducing Tax On Energy And Soft Drinks

Oman is joining other GCC states, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar in implementing a selective tax on energy drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco.


Zero Alcohol In India: Ab Inbev To Launch Budweiser And Hoegaarden Non-alcoholic Beers In The Country

Global brewing giant AB InBev will be launching non-alcoholic beers in India across the next three months under two major brands: Budweiser and Hoegaarden.


Foreign Wines Continue To Be A Booming Business In China As Domestic Brands Battle To Fight Back

Imported wine brands appear to winning the current battle against Chinese domestic products, with experts forecasting an 8% rise in imports this year.


Iwc China Launch: Country To Overtake France As Second Highest-valued Wine Market By 2020

China?s wine market is set to surpass France to claim the second spot globally in terms of value, with the number of Chinese wine consumers set to jump from 48m to 70m in the next year alone.


Thai Tea For Health: Low-sugar Lipton Ice Green Tea Honey Lemon Launched As A ?better-for-you? Option

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage Thailand (SPBT) has released a new, low-sugar version of its Lipton Ice Tea exclusively for the Thai market, tapping into demands for healthier products and reflecting the new


Sustainably Sweet: Coca-cola Amatil To Use 100% Sustainable Sugar In Aussie Operations

Coca-Cola Amatil will use 100% sustainable sugar in its entire Australian non-alcoholic drinks range, and has yet more sustainable initiatives up its sleeve.

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