‘circular’ Economy: Upcycling Orange Juice By-product To Cut Food Waste And Boost Fibre Intake

Can cookies be made from orange peel flour? Researchers investigate how juice by-products could help reduce food waste and improve ?fruit? intake.


Could Sdil’s Sweet Success Expand Beyond Soft Drink? ‘the Lack Of Taxation For Sugary Milk Drinks Definitely Needs More Thought’

The UK?s soft drink tax has probably been of greatest benefit to the Childhood Obesity Plan, says Association for the Study of Obesity Chair Dr Maria Bryant, and similar principles should ?absolutely?

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How Do You Take Your Coffee? Filtered, Not Unfiltered, For Cardiovascular Disease

A fresh study out of Scandinavia reveals links between coffee brewing methods and risks of heart attacks and deaths.


Minor Figures Backs Small Businesses ‘absolutely Devastated’ By Covid-19 Crisis

Amid tales of furloughing, cash flow problems, and shuttered doors, Minor Figures is getting creative. CEO Stuart Forsyth tells us how the oat m*lk brand is doing its bit to keep small businesses aflo


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Bringing together trusted global food industry coverage from across our universe of B2B titles to provide rolling updates and breaking news on the implications of COVID-19 for the food sector.


Npd Trend Tracker: From Vertically Farmed Basil To Sodastream Pepsi Flavours

Colruyt Group's Bio-Planet supermarket banner launched the first herbs grown in its own vertical farm facility - with further produce in the pipeline. Meanwhile, PepsiCo outlined one possible response

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Industry ‘disappointed’ After Uk ‘penalising’ Plastics Tax Confirmed

The Food and Drink Federation has complained that the UK?s newly announced plastic tax will penalise food and beverage producers and called for efforts to instead improve the country?s recycling infra


Sugar Taxes Work Even Among Poor… Just: Study

Sugary drink consumption in Chile fell nearly a quarter after the country introduced a raft of regulatory measures on foods high in sugar, fat, salt and calorie content. The affect was slightly greate

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Sugar Reduction Through Smell: ?aromas Can Be Used To Produced Long-lasting Sweetness-enhancing Effects?

One of the easiest ways to reduce sugar is to replace it with sweeteners ? but research from Netherlands-based research group NIZO suggests aromas can be leveraged as an alternative path to sugar redu


Tea For Two: Rare Tea Company On Why Ethics And Flavour Go Hand In Hand

A shift in consumer demand ? particularly from younger shoppers ? towards ethically sourced products is key to making principles of economic sustainability scaleable, says the founder of Rare Tea Comp

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