Suntory, the Japanese whisky maker that notably sent its product to space,


If you think that the gin and tonic is a simple drink, then you need to stay back after class.


Huge news in the spirits world today.


For each of the three years I spent in London, my first Pimm’s Cup of the season marked the beginning of summer. You could order it in the dingiest pub and it would come out looking like a sunny holiday: iced tea-colored and far too drinkable, a bittersweet and spiced elixir topped with “lemonade” (read: 7-UP) or ginger ale.


There’s a good chance that you might recognize Natalie Oliveros, a.k.a. Savanna Samson, from her roles in such award-winning adult films as The Masseuse with Jenna Jameson, The New Devil in Miss Jones and Debbie Does Dallas… Again.


So the observant drinkers among you may have noticed a new term popping up on drinks menus across the land: cask-aged. You’ve had vintage wines and aged whiskeys.

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