Millercoors Sues Budweiser Over Super Bowl Ad Campaign

Corngate just won't go away.


Coca-cola Drops Three Sparkling Smartwater Flavors To Compete With La Croix, Pepsi

The company hopes to ride the seltzer surge this summer.


Give Your Valentine’s Day A Lift With These 7 Wines

It's not just about candy and cards.


Kweichow Moutai

Kweichow Moutai on the The Future 50 via @FortuneMagazine


Beer will once again cost more at this year’s Octoberfest in Munich

If you’re heading to Oktoberfest in Munich, you’ll need a little more cash for beer. This year, liter mugs of beer at Germany’s Oktoberfest will cost 11.24 euros on average ($13.11), a 3.8% increase over last year.


Patron Unveils a New High-End Smoked Tequila

Patron is pushing deeper into the high-end tequila field. The company plans to unveil a new premium offering Monday that brings a hint of smoke to the popular spirit.


Beer Caviar is a Thing at the World Cup

Sure, you’ve heard of beer and you’ve heard of caviar, but what about beer caviar? In honor of this year’s World Cup, Carlsberg has made what it claims to be the world’s first beer caviar.


Inside Portland’s Plan To Battle Traffic Deaths By Hanging ‘smartphones’ On Street Lights

AT&T, Intel, and GE are lending the city a technological hand.


Sustainable Cocktails Could Be the Next Big Trend in Bartending

From the resurgence of craft cocktails to drinks devised purely for sharing on Instagram, there always seems to be a new beverage fad sweeping through urban cafés, restaurants, and bars. But a n


Rare Wines And Camels ? Just Some Of The Offerings At This Year’s Auction Napa Valley

A hair-raising ride with race car driver Danica Patrick is also up for grabs.

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