Local Starbucks Leaders Can Close Stores, Reduce Hours If Necessary Amid Looting

Starbucks stores in several cities, including Seattle, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, were looted or damaged in recent days.


Krystal Brings Back $8 All-you-can-eat Deal

Sliders, fries and chili cheese pups will be available as part of the deal

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Jameson Irish Whiskey Wants You Drinking Alcohol At Breakfast

And its new brew might tempt you


Kendall Jenner Drinks Newage Beverages. But what does it mean?

NewAge Beverage Co. posted a photo of Kendall Jenner drinking on of its products. But what does it mean?

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Heineken And These Booze Companies Support “Dry January”?

Don’t call it a buzz kill.


Bacardi Bottles Traditional Coquito Christmas Drink

Rum maker is embracing its Puerto Rican culture, and holiday spirit, with the new product.


Smirnoff Ice Offers Phony Lame Christmas Gifts With Drink Hidden Inside

"Icing" may be back this holiday season.


Popcorners Sold To Snack King Pepsi In Company’s Move To Get Healthier

PopCorners sold to snack king PepsiCo.


Brewer Carlsberg Explores Paper Beer Bottle Improve Sustainability

Carlsberg is exploring two prototypes for a paper beer bottle.


Celebrities Take Shots At Becoming Tequila Tycoons

Within the last 20-plus years, tequila has gained a lot of popularity, especially in margaritas and cocktails. But as people have enjoyed these mixed drinks, they’ve changed their mindset on the liquor, now drinking it by itself, Guillaume Cuvelier co-owner of Astral Tequila and Sombra Mezcal noted.

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