An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse — Merger Gives Marston’s Needed Debt Relief; Carlsberg Uk Gains Access To Taplines — Good Beer Hunting

THE GIST  Carlsberg UK and cask-focused brewery Marston?s have merged in a deal that will have wide-reaching consequences for the British brewing and pub industry. The merger will offer Carlsb


All Directions At The Same Time — Duration Brewing In Norfolk, U.k. — Good Beer Hunting

The English countryside is more than quaint villages and rippling green fields?if you look closer, you?ll see it?s marked by history and purpose. On Cornwall?s cliffs, engine rooms stand sentry over l


Paying The Price — U.k. Retailers See Sudden Boom As Brewers, Distributors Left With Millions In Liabilities Amid Covid-19 Outbreak — Good Beer Hunting

British breweries, distributors, and pubs are left with millions of hectoliters of stock as beer industry supply chains grind to a halt, and the situation is only expected to get worse. With monthly


Welsh Brewer Rebels Against Regulator ?tiny Rebel?s Cwtch Is Up Against Portman Panel Again ? Good Beer Hunting

THE GIST Tiny Rebel Brewing Company has again been censored by the Portman Group, accused of marketing an award-winning Red Ale to children despite spending thousands on legal costs and redesign. Th

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Castles High, Marble Bright ? Marble Brewery In Manchester, U.k. ? Good Beer Hunting

Manchester is an autumnal place, not least because of the incessant rain that characterizes its climate. Vast swaths of the city are populated by Victorian warehouses and industrial structures, all of


A Falling Star ? Constellation Offloads Ballast Point For A Fraction To Unlikely Investors ? Good Beer Hunting

THE GIST Ballast Point Brewing Company has sold for the second time in four years, for a less princely sum than it commanded in 2015 when multinational alcohol company Constellation Brands Inc. paid


Buzzer Beater? ? Ab Inbev Faces Deadline To Buy Craft Brew Alliance This Week ? Good Beer Hunting

A three-year will-they-or-won't-they dance is set to come to a conclusion this week, when Anheuser-Busch InBev will be required to make a decision in the potential acquisition of Craft Brew Alliance (


Don?t Look Back In Anger ? Manchester?s Cloudwater Brew Co Revives Friends & Family & Beer Festival ? Good Beer Hunting

THE GIST Cloudwater Brew Co will double down on its ambition to run one of the U.K.?s best craft beer festivals next year?despite the fact that the last one was nearly canceled after just two sessio


Like A Rolling Stone ? Deya Brewing Company Starts Steady Expansion ? Good Beer Hunting

THE GIST DEYA Brewing Company has broken ground on a 35,000-square-foot brewery expansion that would allow the Cheltenham, U.K. brewery to increase production almost 10 times over within the next de


Eroding The Beach ? Constellation Lowers Prices For Slumping Corona Brands

The initial news sounds shocking?and maybe it is. As first reported (behind a paywall) by Beer Marketer?s Insights , then publicly by the MillerCoors Blog , Constellation Brands is cutting prices o

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