THE GIST Two of the largest beer companies in the U.S. are locked in a trademark lawsuit over Corona Hard Seltzer, and the outcome will have high stakes not only for the lucrative seltzer brand, but


For the first time, Molson Coors Beverage Company is taking one of its craft breweries fully national. Hop Valley Brewing Co. has played on its home turf of the Pacific Northwest until now?but its IPA


My grandfather spent a lot of time in the hospital in his later years. Though I visited him there frequently, I remember one trip vividly. I had just finished a shift at the local brewery, and on hear


Revolutions rarely happen overnight. They bubble under the surface for years, changing the lay of the land slowly, inch by inch. Sometimes, their impact is only visible in hindsight.  There are


The air was sweltering despite the fans, and condensation quickly formed on glasses of beer as soon as they were filled. On the top floor of the Pei Ho Street Market in Hong Kong, people were dressed


THE GIST Britain?s brewing industry has been blindsided by a government decision to increase tax rates for hundreds of small breweries in the midst of the greatest financial crisis the sector has fa

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THE GIST  Carlsberg UK and cask-focused brewery Marston?s have merged in a deal that will have wide-reaching consequences for the British brewing and pub industry. The merger will offer Carlsb


The English countryside is more than quaint villages and rippling green fields?if you look closer, you?ll see it?s marked by history and purpose. On Cornwall?s cliffs, engine rooms stand sentry over l


British breweries, distributors, and pubs are left with millions of hectoliters of stock as beer industry supply chains grind to a halt, and the situation is only expected to get worse. With monthly


THE GIST Tiny Rebel Brewing Company has again been censored by the Portman Group, accused of marketing an award-winning Red Ale to children despite spending thousands on legal costs and redesign. Th

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