Duncan Savage is settling down and moving forward – if that’s not too contradictory an image. It’s certainly positive and exciting news. The settling down bit first: After a few years of making


Many times I’ve driven past Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute just outside Stellenbosch town, but never visited the place – though it’s where a good chunk of South African


It’s been a long time coming and widely expected – and now Duncan Savage has finally tendered his resignation to Cape Point Vineyards and will be leaving there in a month or two. He’ll be concen


When the “Top 10 Sauvignon Blancs” of the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group’s big blind-tasting competition were announced yesterday, there were some obvious rhetorical overlaps (OK, c

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Well, that’s an overly melodramatic title, but there is a little blood still seeping through my beard, and some grazes on my nose, and a section of my moustache has been sheered off, and the sc


Yesterday afternoon I was scrambling around on a dull Spring day on two peaks of the Bottelary Hills in Stellenbosch. Tonight I opened a bottle of Chris and Suzaan Alheit’s Radio Lazarus 2014 t


A recent blind tasting of 16 of the Cape’s best Bordeaux-style wines – mostly blends, but a few mono-varietals too – showed an interesting range of approaches, especially between


Some recent descriptions, by two important critics, of two groups of Cape winemakers have me scratching my grizzled head. Either they or I am out of touch with the interest and excitement of what is h

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The trade tasting of David and Jeanette Clarke’s Ex Animo portfolio was held, to the accompaniment of delicious and interesting snacks, at Open Door in Constantia earlier this week. A fine coll


I’ve just had a thought about wine notes, which is either very trivial or very profound. Or something in-between. Or merely uninteresting. The chances are that it is a combination of all three.

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